Exit Games Teambuilding


What a thrill to organize an adventurous expedition with your team in the tracks of a world-famous archaeologist or to push your team’s boundaries by realizing a nerve-racking escape from a sinking passenger ship. Or how about having your team thwart a nuclear holocaust with merely a few seconds left? Only by joining forces and building an efficient communication based on trust and respect for everyone's personal contribution, will your team be able to succeed.

Cooperating to reach a common goal in an unforgettable adventure and feeling the rush of adrenaline flowing through the whole team, is a unique event.

Exit Games Bruges can accept up to 36 players simultaneously to play our 5 challenging Escape Games. The ideal group activity to test the strength of your team and to generate a positive teamspirit that will affect the group forever!

Does your team dear to be challenged?

Young, old, experienced or ‘newbee’,…it does not matter. Diversity in the team and a positive interaction are much more important. No physical efforts are required to make this teambuilding successful. Each participant can play an important role in the group. Let your team-members play the main role in a unique, challenging group-activity which is accessible for everyone!

A lot of teambuilding-events were already organized at Exit Games Belgium!

Jan Soetens
Er bestaat geen betere teambuilding dan samen met enkel collega's in de nesten te zitten, en er als groep weer uit te geraken!
Jan Soetens - Sales representative, Mulder Construct
Jens Roeland
De tijdsdruk zorgt voor een uiterst spannende, en onvergetelijke ervaring!
Jens Roeland - Marketing analyst, Smart Communications


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