Exit Games Bruges CTU 1

Counter Terrorism Unit 2

This Escape Game, CTU 2, is totally identical to CTU 1: same layout, same intrigues, same plot! Also the timing is completely synchronized. Together they offer you a unique opportunity to have a breathtaking competition in 2 groups against each other! However both games can also be booked separately and played independently.

2-6 persons
60 minutes
51% success rate

Avoid a nuclear holocaust!

The CTU has lost control but there is still hope: your expert team can hopefully prevent this nuclear attack. The clock is ticking and only 1 hour remains at max. Your command center has been infiltrated but the traitor was sloppy and left some traces.

The free world is counting on you. Act quickly and efficiently but be warned: a single small mistake can have catastrophic consequences!

Our pricing
2 players
€ 40 p.p.
3 players
€ 30 p.p.
4 players
€ 25 p.p.
5 players
€ 22 p.p.
6 players
€ 20 p.p.

Our prices include all taxes (VAT).

There is no extra charge (not even for credit card payments).

You get exclusive access to one of the games for a maximum of 60 minutes. Attention: We expect you 15 minutes in advance. If you come late, the game timeframe can be shortened in order to respect the start times of any subsequent participants.

Furthermore, you will be provided free access to a locker, to store your personal belongings.

The larger the group, the more fun...and the cheaper per person!


Our 2 identical Escape Games, CTU 1 and CTU 2, can be played simultaneously. So gather your friends now and have a breathtaking competition against each other!