Exit Games FAQ


You have a question? We are always ready to answer your questions. Please, take a look at our most frequently asked questions. Still no answer? Click here to contact us!


The best and easiest way for you to book, is online in this website: you always have a last-minute and up-to-date overview of all available games.

You can pay later at your arrival at our premises by means of a bankcard, creditcard or a gift-voucher.

If you also prefer to pay online, this is of course possible with your creditcard in our secure payment environment. No creditcard data is stored locally.

Immediately after booking you will receive a confirmation-email with all the details of your reservation. Received no mail? Check your Spam-folder or contact us!

Attention please: carefully complete all required fields in your online reservation form! Incorrect or incomplete reservations will not be registered and will be canceled automatically!

Would you rather not book online? Please call us during opening hours (from Thursday to Sunday, from 10h to 22h) and we’ll gladly arrange the booking for you.


In In the confirmation-email you’ll receive after your booking, you’ll find a button that leads you back to the reservation-page on our website, where you can view your personal reservation and/or modify it. If you did not get such a mail or have problems modifying or canceling your booking, please contact us. If you originally booked with us by telephone, please also call us back for any changes you'd like to make.

Up to 3 days before the start of your booked game, you can cancel or modify your reservation without charge. If you also payed your booking online, the total amount of your booking will be refund to you.

If you cancel between 72 and 48 hours before the start of the booked game, we’ll charge you a cancellation-fee of 25%.

If you cancel between 48 and 24 hours before the start of the booked game, we’ll charge you a cancellation-fee of 50%.

If you cancel less than 24 hours before the start of the booked game or in case of ‘no-show’, we’ll have to charge you a cancellation-fee of 100%.


Each game lasts up to maximum 60 minutes. Most teams reach the exit only just minutes before the hour is over.

Have you succeeded earlier? Then you might have just earned yourself a place on our Wall of Fame.

Didn’t you get out in time? No panic, the doors will reopen and you will have the opportunity to figure out in peace what went wrong.

Anyway, the experience is certainly enjoyable and the 'fun' aspect is what matters most, no?

We do expect each participant promptly 15 minutes before the start of the game. This will enable us to explain the concept and the specific game. After the game you will probably also want to debrief. Count 15 more minutes for that. So expect a total time of 90 minutes for a complete 'Exit Games experience'!


The games of Exit Games Ghent are not at all creepy or frightening. Suspense and time-pressure are of course part of the game!

Our Escape Rooms are all very spacious, with high ceilings and are therefore not oppressive at all. Moreover, you will be continuously monitored by our Game Master, who can intervene at any moment on your request or when necessary.

You can also leave the game whenever you feel the urge.


No, the games are behind closed doors and it is not possible to view or track the players. Only our own Game Master can monitor the different rooms. The images are however not stored for longer periods, because of the privacy rights of each participant.


For the various games of Exit Games Ghent no specific languages are used. We use internationally recognizable codes and clues. However, if something is written, it is always in Dutch, French and English. Our Game Masters can also assist you in these three languages.


All kids are welcome to play our games with their family. A minimum age of eight years is however required to actively participate in the games. For gamers under the age of 16, at least one adult must participate.


You can not really prepare for these games. All the games of Exit Games Ghent are created exclusively for you. You will therefore never be able to play them anywhere else. The games are certainly not merely a compilation of a series of locks to open and/or word-games or puzzles to solve. It is an ingenious composition of all kinds of problems and possible object-combinations. Based on what you discover in the escape rooms, you will find your way to the exit, step by step.

Knowledge concerning the specific themes of the games, is not necessary.

No game requires physical power.

Please wear comfortable clothes! Our games are indoor (at room temperature).


No experience is needed, and every single participant, with its own characteristics, capacities and personality, has an added-value in our games. This is also why teamwork is so important!

If you guys really get stuck in the game and/or are losing too much time in finding a solution, our Game Masters are always ready to give you a tip at your request, which should bring you back on track. The number of tips we’ve given you, is of course reflected in your final score.

And please do not forget: if you fail to cross the finish-line within 60 minutes, you can still have a lot of fun ... and ultimately that’s what it's all about, no?


No, this is strictly forbidden! You’re on your own (together with your teammates), to find the way out! The Game Masters are nevertheless always ready to help you, but you are not allowed to use 'external resources'. At the start of the games, we will indeed make sure that no cell phones, smartphones, tablets or other communication-tools are smuggled into the escape rooms. Those objects belong in the free lockers, we provide.

Anyway, to preserve the attractiveness of our games for future 'Exit Ghent Gamers', it is forbidden to capture whatever footage of our games and/or make it public. Our games are copyright protected !

We count on your fair play and your respect for all other players.


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